1. Repairing and testing equipment

The repairing workers test machines of 05-1; 05-2; ;06, including molders grinding, molders setting, fixing components of machines, spend 20-40 minutes on measuring dowel pins dimension continuously, they must guarantee the machines are completely regular for processing.

In the processing of 05-1 and 05-2, the workers must test the machine and measure the pins when detecting any unusual situation as well as finishing the breakdown, the continued processing must be done after everything is right.
  2. Index of each processing

a: for kiln-drying (02) moisture content: 6%-8%

b: (04): thickness of veneer: -0,+0.3mm

c:05-1, 05-2: diameter tolerance: (-0.1,+0.15mm)

d: 06-lengths tolerance (-0.8,+0mm)

e: time of tumbling :20minutes

3. Inspecting:

One specific quality inspector, three parts of inspecting the whole quality

A: inspecting and measuring 10pcs dowel rods in process 05-1 and 05-2 per hour, measure both ends and middle parts

B: inspecting the 100pcs dowel pins in process 06/ two hours.

C: inspecting twice in the processing of 08 each day, 100pcs as a group, if find any defects then inspect next group, defects rate must not be higher than 0.2%, otherwise re-sorting must be done.
4. The processing must be stopped if any defects found in process 05-1,05-2 and 06, the inspector must make quality report every day.


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